Sunday, June 10, 2012

Scout Camp 2012 CSI Investigators

Welcome to Scout Camp 2012 "The CSI Investigators".  This was mine and Tyson's first year at scout camp.    I volunteered to be a Den Leader for Tyson's group for three of the four days.  After it was all over I was glad it wasn't a stay-over-night camp.  It was just a day camp and that proved enough to wipe me out.  I was fortunate that they had a little "Sprouts" program for Taryn.  I could take her each day and drop her off at that program while I directed Tyson's group.  Anne Summerline and her husband Mark and I all took turns with our den.  Luckily there was always 2 of us leaders at a time, because our group was eleven strong with two little stinkers (who were not from our original den), that became our daily headache.

Back Row: Bennette, Tyson, Brody, Jack, Davis, Blake
Front Row: Christian, Alex, James, Robbie, Neilan.
We were the white tigers.  Each group had a group flag and corresponding bandanna that the boys all wore so we could find them.  Plus they had these neat-o name tags that they also wore, which always helped when learning names.  Not only did we go to lots of activities, but we were always on the look out for clues to solve the daily mystery.
 The boys loved the archery and BB guns activities.  They learned the history of each and how to properly use and shoot each instrument.  Tyson loved the archery and even got a bulls-eye.
 Here they are listening to the range master's whistles, doing what they tell them to go and do.
 Sports and Games was another highlight for the boys.  They played kickball, soccer, went through an obstacle course, the log walk and just had a great time playing outside.

Here is Tyson going for the goal!

These crazy boys really were fun, even if they did get a bit out of hand.  Tyson loved it and was sad when Friday came, because that meant it was all over.  I was tired and glad it was over, but will gladly do it again next year.