Saturday, June 16, 2012

Not Enough Time

I am a day late to post about my 10 year anniversary, and I attribute this tardiness to the fact that I have been studying my little butt off for my Children's Lit Class.  (This is the last class I must take to reinstate my teaching license and begin teaching again.)

This is my eternal sweetheart.  Gosh we were young looking back then and this was only 10 years ago.  We now have a few gray hairs and some wrinkles around our faces, but the time has been worth it.  Nowadays, making it to your ten year mark in a marriage is considered GOLDEN, since most marriages don't last more than a few years.  We are making this one stick.  It isn't always easy and yes there are always bumps in this road of life, but I wouldn't want this journey through it with anyone else.  I love you babe!


Scott and Sunny Nielsen said...

Nic, We need to catch up. Didn't know you were going back to teaching, that is awesome! Can't wait until our little one is old enough to come to TN and go to Dollywood and then I can visit you! Love you and miss you!

Holly said...

Great pic Nicole. Congrats on finishing up classes.