Saturday, June 2, 2012


This post took place April 22nd, 2012
I was honored by my good friend Caryn Marlowe to be asked to do the choreography for her musical "Oklahoma" at Karns High School.  I had a blast working with her Musical Theater class students.  And...she asked Tyson to be in the play.  He loved it!  As you look at the pictures you can see he was in a lot of scenes, and danced twice.  He even picked up the two step and was able to dance it with Caryn's daughter, Iris.  It was fun watching him up on stage.  The play ran for seven shows.  The first two, Tyson was a little nervous and unsure how to act on stage, but then by the third performance he had loosed up and was enjoying his character.
Even though we worked hard on the play, there were times when we goofed around.  The big kids and the little kids enjoyed hanging out with one another.
Here is Tyson and Iris in their ending pose.  I loved working on this play and watching my little boy have his debut on stage.