Thursday, August 26, 2010

Volunteer Landing

Since living here in the "Volunteer State" we decided we had better go down to the Volunteer Landing and see where the famous "VOLS" march to the stadium. We have been told that there is this walk way that starts off on one end of town and then goes to the Tennessee Volunteer stadium. I guess, during game days, it is full of people and lots of tailgating or as they call it boat gating. (Little side note, just ten minutes before this picture was snapped, Tyson was on his scooter going way too fast down a steep hill and CRASHED. And not just a little crash, I am talking a CRASH, HIT THE PAVEMENT, SKID, and then HIT THE PAVEMENT again kind of crash. It looked something out of the X-Games. Poor kid. He had all kinds of road rash.)

All along one side of this walk way are train tracks and on the other side the Kudzu was just growing wildily.
Look you see the car almost covered up in the Kudzu? I thought it was pretty cool. If you were looking to bury something, this place would surely cover it up.
I love the look of this Kudzu. Most people around here hate it, but I think it is beautiful!
Look at the skinned knees, and he is still smiling.
It was very, very hot that day, but the kids loved the time outside, even if their little heads were wet with sweat.
My little not-afraid-of-anything girl. She is a monkey. She jumped to Vaughn, and about gave her mother a heartattack.
Also along this walk way were tons of boat ramps and docking stations for these yachts and house boats. Most of them were covered in Tennessee Volunteer orange. We were told that most people will stay on their boats during the game and watch from their TV's on board and have a heck of a party.
This is another part of the Volunteer Landing.
They also had a splash pad area, which Tyson immediately ran towards to cool off.
The kid had a ball.
Taryn, not-so-much! She hates water splashing on her. I tried to drag her over to one, literately drag, and the kid wouldn't budge.
There she is, the Tennessee Volunteer Stadium. It was a walk up to it. We will be coming here during a game to just experience the hoopla of it all.