Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sledding and Fun Stuff

The snow has come and Tyson has begged and begged to go out and sled in it. Vaughn has been away on interviews for the past week and so I am flying solo, but I figured we could handle a bit of sledding. I bundled both kids up like little marshmallows, it was SO COLD outside, and out we went.

We have some small hills, just the right size, out back of our apartment and that was perfect for us. Tyson wanted to go down again and again. Taryn......not-so-much. She went down for the first time and wasn't too sure she liked it. So I put her down again and she sort of laughed. I think it was just too cold for her. Of course, Tyson loves to be outdoors and the cold doesn't seem to bother him much. After about 20 minutes we had to go inside, since Taryn was half frozen. I took Tyson out again a few hours later, during Taryn's nap, and he rode the sled down at least 20 times. (He slept well that night.) I even got a video of his ride down the hill.

These are the cutest kiddos I know. Of course, I am their mother and I am prejudice. Tyson is so good to Taryn and loves to play with her, and she is getting better about being around other people and not being as clingy to mom.

This is the princess's new chair and she sits in it every morning, glued to the cartoons for about 10 minutes. It gives me a chance to get a quick shower in while she is content to sit. Funny huh!