Friday, January 8, 2010

A Day In Circleville

While we were back west, we got a chance to go to Circleville and see my mom. I never miss a chance to go up to the cemetery and see my dad's grave. I love to go and talk to him and show off the kids. I know he isn't physically there, but a part of me feels like he is watching us and smiling back. He always loved the holidays and giving presents to us kids when we were little and then to Tyson. It lit up his face. (I miss that)

One present that Papa Westwood gave Tyson before he died was his Yellow Power Wheels Dump Truck. Tyson always wants to drive it when we visit my mom. This time Taryn was big enough to sit by her brother for a ride. She had a ball. Check out the grin, it looks like "I am having a good time, but Tyson is a crazy driver." HA HA HA I just crack up laughing looking at it.Tyson, of course drives, mock 90 and it was all that Taryn could do to hold on. They had an absolute ball driving in the Yellow Dump Truck.