Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tyson's "Real" 3rd Birthday

Yesterday was Tyson's "real" birthday. We saved a few gifts for him to open up. He had Vaughn and I up early saying, "It is my birthday let's open gifts." He was all about getting us up to open up his gifts. He would open one gift and then go right to the next one.
We knew he would like these guns. And we had to get two guns so that he and daddy could play together, and trust me they do.
Thanks Grandma T for the clothes. He needed them so badly.
Notice the look I am getting. It means, "mom turn off the camera. I am sick of the picture taking."
Our friends from church called us up yesterday afternoon to invite us to this farm where the kids could pet the cows and they had a place where they made their own creamy ice cream. I must admit, I had to laugh that we were going to pet cows, seeing how I grew up with cows all my life and you don't pet them, you milk and feed them. LOL But whatever!!! Tyson thought it was fun. Here is Decker, Tyson and Aubrey checking out the baby calf.

Then the kids got the idea to try and feed the calf, but it turned into a throwing of the hay war. The ice cream at this farm was to die for. It is the creamiest kind I have ever had. And for the price you got a HUGE portion. One scoop was equal to 2 1/2 scoops in a regular ice cream shop. We will definitely be going back for more.After the ice cream, they took us to a new play ground called "Kids Kingdom" in Oxford. It was the coolest playground I have ever seen. The whole thing is enclosed, with one way out and in so you can keep a great eye on the kids. Plus it is so open that it is easy to keep track of the little kiddos.

This is just one of about 6 slides at the playground. They are all themed. Tyson and the other kids had a ball.

Here is a shot of the whole thing. Cool huh? I have decided that finding cool playgrounds is going to become my new hobby. It gives Tyson a way to run of energy and me a time to relax. A win-win situation. Tyson had a great birthday...one to remember.


Cluff Family said...

It looks like Tyson Scored for his birthday's :) I Love the hair and I also met someone from your home ward on Sunday....My sister was in labor so I ended up taking over for my mom in Relief Society. The rest of the presidency was out of town... anyway, she came up to me after and asked if I knew you... she never told me her name but I told her to tell your mom and you hello.... so we will see if you get the message and who exactly it was :) Some random nice lady :)
I hope your pregnancy is going well... you look great!

Chris, Carly & Coen!! said...

that's funny about petting cows... haha yeah they're not really cuddly pets... so so cute though... i love the pic where you said he got sick of taking pictures!! Coen does that as well!