Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Chuck E Cheeze w/ Lynette

I have been meaning to post about this for months now. But I couldn't figure out how to retrieve the pictures from my phone. Thanks to Vaughn, we got it figured out.

Our friend, Lynette, works at a Chuck E Cheese in Sterling Heights and we went to visit her a while back. Tyson loves Lynette. She used to babysit him on the island and she was my sponsor when we were moving to the island. She made the transition there so much easier. Anyway, she manages this store and was so good to Tyson and I. She even had the BIG Chuck E Cheese come out and see us. Tyson loves the "BIG Chucker Cheese" as he calls him. It was such a nice time. Thanks Lynette.


Anonymous said...

No problem! I don't have many days off, so any time you guys want to stop by, I will probably be there!!