Tuesday, November 1, 2011

BOO at the ZOO

(This post is out of order. It should have been made several days before, but when one looses the pictures, things like this happen.) Don't they look ready to ask for candy? Our fun filled time with Kariann and Grace Ann is still going strong. I decided that they needed to get some use out of these Halloween costumes more than once so we took them all to the "Boo at the Zoo".

Certain nights during the month of October the local zoo has an evening event where the price is half off and the kids can come trick-or-treating at the zoo with the animals. We didn't make this event last year, but I was determined that we were going to go this time.

Our first stop was the Scary-go-round. Their merry-go-round was decorated all Halloween style and instead of going forward, it went backwards, hence the "scary" part of the ride. The kids all had a ball, I about threw up, but didn't. I don't do well with things that go around and around, but I took one for the team and braced for the wave of nausea to be with my kiddos.

Throughout the zoo were all kinds of people dressed up as all characters. Tyson was thrilled to see a fellow Jedi master and storm trooper. We had to get a photo.

My kids love Looney Toons. A picture with Bugs and Sylvester couldn't be passed up.

The cat in the hat with thing 1 and thing 2. Grace Ann didn't want to be near them. Kinda funny.

Watch out for the camels they spit!

The "belly" dancers. There was a group of real belly dancers at one of the animal stations and they allowed the kids to dance with them. Taryn was less than pleased that her mother shoved her into this situation just to get a picture. She will thank me later.

Scooby, dooby do!

They even had the tradition Halloween graveyard decorations. It was nice weather, so walking around the zoo at night was pleasant. No one complained. YEAH!

The princesses. We couldn't pass these three ladies up without taking a photo with them. Tyson was a little scared to sit too close to Snow White. Such a boy!

The kids trick-or-treated down the trail and ended up with lots of candy and toys. Then it was off to the big white tent for some Monster Mashing Dancing. All three of them were dancing fools. Tyson is especially talented as a dancer and I am not being bias. The kid has moves and rhythm. HA HA HA. His dad will love that!

After several long dancing songs the kids were pooped! It was past every one's bedtime and so we packed it up and headed home. I am glad we were able to go and experience this fun time at the zoo. We will definitely be going back next year.