Monday, August 1, 2011

Tennessee Smokies Baseball

Our first Tennessee Smokies Baseball game. August 1st was LDS family night at the stadium and that meant we got a discount. WAHOO! Neither the kiddos or myself have been to a "real" baseball game other than a high school one. Even thought the Smokies are AA ball, it was still awesome to watch.

Taryn was more impressed to dance to all the various music being played and watch the mascots run around and goof off.

A family photo at the stadium. The kids saw these foam hands in the gift shop, and me being the softy that I am, bought them each one. I remember that my dad always bought me some kind of souvenir when we went to a circus or a zoo and I still have many of those souvenirs. They remind me of those precious times I had with my family experiencing all kinds of fun entertainment. I want my kids to have those same kind of memories.

Tyson enjoyed waving his "big hand" for the Smokies. Taryn enjoyed using hers as a BIG fan. It was quite hot during the first part of the game.

In between innings, the Smokies are warming up.

Towards the middle of the game we noticed other fans eating ice cream from these little baseball caps. My kids started to beg for this treat, and after about 3 more innings, we gave in. I must admit the ice cream was yummy and the little hat was cool as well. It was a good way to end the game. We had so much fun that we are headed back to another game soon.