Tuesday, August 9, 2011

An Anchor?

So this is my conversation with Taryn the other day:
Taryn comes running into the kitchen while I am making lunch and says to me,
Taryn: Mom what is this in my mouth?
I looked inside her right cheek and found a little canker.
Me: It is a canker sweetheart. Don't mess with it and it will go away.
Taryn: An Anchor?
Me: No, a canker.
Taryn: Anchor?
Me: Canker
Taryn: Anchor!
By this time I am laughing so hard that I just let her go. Later on that day when Vaughn came home Taryn had the same conversation with him. We cannot get her to say canker. It is an Anchor. HA HA HA. Funny things kids say.