Monday, June 21, 2010

Time Here In Knoxville

Well....yes I am behind a lot. I need to be like my good buddy Wendy K who will blog about a whole month, keeping her blog in chronological order, but I am not that good at this. So instead of telling you about getting here to Knoxville, which I will do later, I am going to tell you what we are doing in Knoxville, TN.
First off, this place is HOT! I feel like I am back on the island of St. Maarten. My hair is very frizzy and the kids cheeks are flushed 24/7 because of the heat and humidity. Guess those two years in Michigan turned our blood too thick and so now we have to thin down a bit. It may take a year or two to get used to this.
We heard of this cool drive in movie place out in Maryville, TN about 20 minutes from us and decided to take the kids to go and see TOY STORY 3. We had to get there about 2 hours before the show started just to have a space to watch it and having never been to a drive in we had no idea what to expect. I must admit, the movie on the big screen out in the open was cool to see, but the temperature was still 80 degrees at night. Taryn was a sweat ball and didn't want to sit outside and sit still, so we sat in the car, with the windows rolled down still sweating. They show 2 movies for the price of one, but after Toy Story 3, Taryn and I were done. Next time we will bring the truck and sit in the back where she can be corralled and it won't be AS hot!Our next fun trip was in the downtown area of Knoxville at the World's Fair Park. They have this coolest splash pad that is gigantic. Tyson was so excited to get it. Look at the kiddo run towards the water.The middle of the fountain was so powerful it could lift up your swimming shorts. Tyson was a bit leery of getting too close to the middle.
This is the famous Sun Sphere in Knoxville. Kind of like a major land mark in the World's Fair park. I like it.Taryn did not want to partake in the water festivities, oh well. Tyson still had fun.His good side. HA HA
We are finding all kinds of cool things to do here. So far so good, if it just wasn't so gosh darn hot! Oh and the best thing about being here is that I don't sound like such a hick, my Southern Utah drawl is nothing compared to the East Tennessee drawl. Nice!!!