Tuesday, June 15, 2010

As The Years Go By.....

Happy Anniversary to us!! It is our 8th year of marriage. That is pretty good by today's standards. I looked it up on the Internet and the year for a divorce was in the 7th year of marriage, they used to call it the seven year itch. But now it is the twenty-four month itch. After just two years of marriage 1 in 12 coupled head for divorce. WOW!! That just blows me away. Why did they get marriage in the first place? So since we passed the two and seven year itches, I guess we are in our golden years? Anyways, I am still in love with Vaughn after this amount of time and each year just gets better and better. He is my best friend, the one I laugh with, banter at and have the time of my life. Thanks babe for 8 fantabulous years.

Since we have only been in Knoxville for about a week, and we don't know anyone yet to babysit the kiddos, they went with us on our anniversary date. We ate out at the Macaroni Grill, loved it, and then came home to hang out. It was a great day.


Cluff Family said...

Happy Anniversary! I hope you can find a good babysitter soon so you can enjoy some nights out :) If we were closer we'd watch them for you! Congrats on making it to the 'golden years' :) You are so funny! Anyway, hope ya'll are doing great! I talked to Sister Bell today from the island and she was soo excited to see you guys at church when you were down there!