Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Match Day....almost there!

Match day was yesterday and YES WE DID MATCH!!! WHOO HOO!! This means that we have a job as a doctor, the problem now is that we don't know where that job might be. We find out that piece of information on Thursday. ARG!! The waiting is about to engulf my sanity. Our lives are basically on stand still until Thursday around noon. I cannot believe that this process of medical school and finding a residency is about over. It seems like we just started it a few months ago. The time really has gone by fast. Talley-freaking-hoe to Thursday!!!


The Conway's said...

Hang in there...you're so close! Keep us updated!

Cluff Family said...

YAY For making the match! We are very excited for you guys! I'm sure you are excited for tomorrow :) GOOD LUCK! Oh, and I LOVE your hair in the Piston's' Game picture!