Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hurry Up I am Smiling!

" Hurry up mom and snap the picture, because in about 5 seconds I am going to pull out my pigtails and then I won't smile anymore." This is so true. I get Taryn all "girly" each morning with bows, and curling iron and hairspray, the works, and with in two minutes of my masterful work on her hair, the little stinker takes it out...Drives me nuts!!

The only day she will leave her hair alone is during church, but the second those three hours are up and we are in the car driving home, she pulls out the hair accessories and she looks like a messed up hairdo gone wrong.

At least I got a few good pictures before the hair came out. And believe me, she pulled it out moments after these were taken. Oh she is "Miss Stinker Pot"!


Cluff Family said...

What a CUTIE!! I know the feeling of the girls pulling out the bows. I don't know how many we've lost different places because they just pull them out and throw them. Taryn sure is adorable!