Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all. I especially want my mom to know how much I always appreciate her and all she does for me. I also need to tell Vaughn's mom that we love and appreciate her as well.
My Mother's Day was a great one. Taryn decided to wake me up a 7am screaming. Good wake up call! Then Tyson and Vaughn slept in, so I made my own breakfast, which was ok, I made what I wanted...pancakes, juice and bacon.....just how I like it!
Once the boys rallied Tyson came up and gave me the little crafts he and Decker made. It was a homemade sun catcher and a hand print letter with a little poem. Loved it! Then Vaughn asked me what I wanted for Mother's response....."A DAY OFF?" I said this with a lot of hope in my voice....I almost got it too, but I got something just a good. Vaughn and kids gave me an ipod. I have never had my very own and now I do. It is this sleek little green one and the screen turns so you can watch videos and look at pictures. Thanks Vaughn, I love it!!!!
Then Tyson had this to say:

Tyson: Mom, so today is Mother's Day,
Mom: Yes
Tyson: And tomorrow is Father's Day and then the next day is Kid's Day.

HA HA HA What a child! You cannot get much past him. I was telling a few of the ladies at church about his conversation, and Ana Tapley, who is from Brazil, told me that in Brazil they actually do have a Kid's Day. Good thing we are not from there, or Tyson would be taking me up on that one. The Elders at church put on a little luncheon for the moms during the last 30 minutes of church. It was decked out with table cloths and everything. And the salads, breads and dessert were wonderful. Pretty cool! Anyhow, it was a wonderful day. Thanks to my family for making it so special and to my mom and sister for the gift and to everyone else.


Carly and Coen said...

ah such a fun Mom's day! :) Happy Mother's day...