Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tanning Bed Blunder! we go again with one of my many embarrassing moments. Funny thing is, that I haven't had one in a while so I guess I was due!
For the past month I have been tanning at VIP Tanning up in Lake Orion. I bought this pass for two reasons, 1: because my pasty white skin was blinding, and 2: for some time to myself. It has been so nice to have Vaughn watch the kids at night for 40 minutes while I go and tan, and I actually am not so blindingly white. OK, so now you know why I have been tanning, now here is the embarrassing part:
I went tanning today, it was my last day to tan on my pass and I wanted to use it all up. Vaughn and the kids dropped me off and would be back to get me in about 2o minutes. I went in, said HI, got my bed assigned to me and then headed back to tan. I got in the room, put on my lotion, turned the bed on and got into the bed when...........CRACK!!! OH NO!! The tanning bed cracked under me. I laid there for about 10 seconds wondering what to do...I knew staying in the bed was out of the question, and so I finally decided that I had to go and tell the girls who were working what happened. I pulled on my clothes, shut off the bed and then walked up to the front.
ME: UM....I think I broke your tanning bed.
Worker girl: WHAT?
ME: I laid down and it cracked.
Worker girl: OMG are you ok?
ME: Yes.
Then she and her co-worker followed me back to ascertain the damage. It was a huge crack in the bottom of the bed, about 3 feet long. I was so embarrassed. I think the worker girls could tell and they reassured me that it wasn't my weight that did it. UH HUH! Thanks gals. They told me that they had never seen a bed crack before, thanks again, now I feel really good about myself. Needless to say, they put me in another room, I tanned and left. Vaughn was in the car with a screaming baby, with a look on his face that said, "What took you so long?" I then proceeded to tell him my embarrassing tale and his face turned into a big grin. "You are the only person I know who has ever broken a tanning bed," chuckled Vaughn. Thanks babe, now my self confidence is shot to heck....Why do these things happen to me..........OH YES I know why, so that I have something interesting to blog about. Hope you enjoyed the laugh.


Carly and Coen said...

hubby loses points for making that comment... haha i'm sorry that this happened... that is insane...

Wendy Lou said...

Heck ya I enjoyed the laugh!! I'm glad I'm not the only dork who has bad luck!! Nic you are a skinny little thing so no worries...AT ALL!!

Cluff Family said...

LOVE IT Nicole! Thanks for sharing..... I was beginning to wonder if you grew out of the embarrassing moments :) I'm sure I'm due for another one any day too.....knock on wood.

Happy Late Mother's Day to you too! Love the I-pod! You look Great too! That little Taryn is getting to look more and more like her brother! What cuties, you know how to make'em!

I hope you are all enjoying MI! How much longer do you have?

Ben is LOVING his rotation here in Roswell, NM. He loves the Dr's and the hospital. We have 2 more weeks here then a couple off then we get to move to our house in Bakersfield. I cannot wait to have a place of our own again.... FINALLY! It has been a Loooooong time!

Anyway, hope you are all doing good. Be careful, you don't need any other embarrassing moments for awhile :)

Miss ya!

The Morrills said...

That is a funny story Nicole!! you are too cute! So I'm going to tell you NOT TO WORRY!! I worked at a tanning salon in Provo while going to school. It was a big salon with about 30 beds. And quite often I had to call the owner to replace the bottom acrylic because of cracks! So it's ok! And it does happen! You are not alone and you are DEFINITELY not too big! You are such a tiny thing!! But such a funny story! I bet it scared ya!! Thanks for posting fun blogs!