Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Phases of Taryn

Tyson was eager and ready to roll Taryn's ball she got from Christmas. We finally took it out of the package and decided to try it out. Tyson wanted Taryn to roll it back to him, so mom had to explain that she is still just a little bit small for that. Mom helped Taryn with the rolling part today.Here is Taryn preparing to catch the ball rolled, or should I say shoved, from her brother.

Look at that double chin. Aren't those just the cutest cheeks you have ever seen? I love chunky babies. Tyson was just as chunky and it took a long time for him to loose those chunky cheeks.
Her little legs are so fat and full of rolls that any pants I put on her have to be 6 month or bigger to go over the hips. LOL. And she is only 3 months old!
Such a beauty queen!
Tyson had her laughing while I snapped this picture. She will only laugh for him. She just loves her big brother.
Ok, so she isn't happy at all in this picture. Tyson wanted to hold her the other night and she didn't want him holding her. HA HA HA.