Tuesday, January 20, 2009


This is the scene across from my house. About and inch has melted away, but the snow just keeps piling up. There are snow mounds around the back of the apartment where the kids can actually slide down and they are HUGE!

Look at the roof......see the icicles? They really are beautiful in the morning when the sun hits them.

Usually the snow is on the side walks.....actually I take that back, they do a pretty good job of shoveling it off around here, but then it just snows 10 minutes later, so why bother. But...today it was sunny and the snow melted away for a minute.

Funny story about the snow melting.....it makes ICE! I was getting ready to go and workout at the club house a few weeks ago around 6 at night. It had been a cold day and there was a lot of ice on the walkways and the streets. I being a girl who grew up in the cold should know that you must tread carefully on ice, but you see I am BRAIN DAMAGED from having 2 kiddos. So.....................I was be-bopping around and slipped on the ice by my car...THUD...I hit hard...I was so embarrassed because my friend Linda watched my not-so-graceful fall that I was hurrying to stand up, WHOOSH! Fell again. My behind was screaming in pain. I jumped up, successfully this time, and still went to the gym to work out. The next day my backside looked like I had gotten into the blue, green and purple paint and sat in it. OUCH!! Another embarrassing moment. I seem to have a lot of those.


Bryce and Candice Blood Family said...

Taryn's cheeks are so cute and Tyson looks so much like his mom the older he gets. I had to comment, hopefully this works, because I was laughing so hard at the mental picture of you scrambling on the ice. I feel bad your bum hurt so bad but I am sure the fall was quite the sight to see! Hope you are healing and being careful! Our yard looks the same as yours, I love the icicles too, and so far I haven't fallen yet...I always chuckle when Bryce kindly holds my arm and then he slips...