Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Salvation Items

As a mom, there are certain items that are a must and that I could not do without. It is a good thing the Lord put me on this earth when he did, because without these modern novelties, I might not have made it! (I definitely couldn't have been a pioneer woman....NO WAY!) The Boppie (most likely spelled wrong, but oh well) This little invention has been a life saver to my arms when nursing Taryn. It is also a great pillow. I have had many nights using it. It is also a soft bed for the baby when mom falls asleep while feeding in the wee hours of the morning.I wish I would have had this swing when Tyson was a baby. These new papasan swings are just amazing. I can't think of a better word to describe them. It rocks side to side and back to front. This is where Taryn takes her naps, the ONLY place she will take a nap. It is also good to pacify her while I cook and clean. Bless the person who invented it.....must have been a mom!My bed! LOL Actually I am not kidding. I have spent more night asleep in this rocking chair than I have in my bed in the last 3 months. Luckily for me it is pretty comfortable. Thanks to Cindy Peterson for loaning it to me.
And last, but not least.......the bouncy seat. This little contraption is the only way I get a shower in the mornings. Taryn will sit in this and entertain herself for 30 minutes.....time enough to shower and get ready. Yes I can get ready in 30 minutes.......If not for these modern salvations I would have kicked the bucket about 2 1/2 months ago. Thanks to all!!!!!


Chris, Carly & Coen!! said...

i swore by the boppie!!! freaking life saver!!! and a bouncy seat... my son adored his!! perfect for travel... my best friend mel has that same swing and she adores it! as do her babies... haha