Monday, December 3, 2012


Yes I was peeved!  I took Taryn into the clinic to get the other half of her flu shot.  I didn't get away from the house as early as I would have liked, because of underlying circumstances, so we got to the clinic around 10 am.  The girls up front all know me, since this is where Vaughn works, and because I bring in the kids from time to time.  I waited for about 45 minutes, until one of them came out and said that they told the nurses that I had been waiting an awfully long time.  I then text Vaughn, who is on inpatient, and asked if he could come and speed things up a bit.  FINALLY, after almost an hour, Vaughn came in and took us back, found a nurse, Taryn's shot which lasted a GRAND total of 5 seconds (she never cries) and we were out the door.  GEEZE!!!!  Not what I had planned on doing my WHOLE morning, but oh well.  You would think being a doctor's wife gets ya some perks.  NOT ONE BIT!!