Saturday, September 1, 2012

7 Years Old

 This was our decorating idea for Tyson's door for his birthday.  I found it on Pinterest.  When Tyson opened his side of the door this morning the balloons came cascading down.  He was shocked, but loved it! I thought it was a good way to start the birthday morning.
 Love this face.  This is pure shock and awe!
 This one is even better.  Tyson got a 3DS for his birthday, more about that later, and his grandparents, Aunt D, Uncle Jesse and Tritton sent him some games for his birthday.

 We had a little birthday party at one of the parks.  15 kids, parents and luckily beautiful weather were present for the festive occation. We played a bunch of games and the kids had fun.  Then it was time to blow out the candles and do you think I could light the stupid thing...NO!  A little breeze decided to come up just about that time and I went through 4 matches before I got it lit.
When I finally got it lit, it was hurry sing and blow before the wind blows it out.  
 The cupcakes were good and everyone was happy.  That is my kind of party

 And since this was at a park, I didn't have to entertain the kiddos afterwards, they ran around and played.  Love that!
 Then it was present time.  Tyson's friends were so good to him.  Thanks everyone for the special gifts.  He loves them.

 All the kids at the party decided to flash me gang signs as I took the picture.  You would think we lived in the hood.  HA HA.

 I think everyone had fun, I know I did and I know Tyson loved it.  He said this was the best birthday ever!
 As soon as the party was cleaned up, Tyson and his dad rushed over to Karns' ball fields for baseball practice.  Yes, the poor kid had practice on his birthday, but if you want to play around here, you don't miss practice!  After a good shower, cause he was covered in sweat, we headed to ToysRus for his Nintendo 3DS.  A little story about this gaming system:
Vaughn and I were not going to foot the 170.00 bill for one of these when Tyson started asking for one 2 years ago. So...we made a deal with him.  If he could save 100.00 dollars then we would pay for the rest.  I never imagined that he would be able to save it, but he did.  He saved every allowance he got, all his birthday money, good grades money, and any money he found on the ground to make that hundred dollar mark.  We were so proud of him that we were glad to pay for the other half of the gaming system.  I think that when a child works for something they truly want, they appreciate it more and will take care of it.
 He wasn't hurting for gifts.  It was such a generous day from all our family and friends.  Thanks to all!
 Here is the princess eating her 30th cupcake.  Not kidding.  Every time I turned around today she was sneaking another one.  Oh My!
I look tired and have that deer in the headlights stare, but it was such a great day.  Here Tyson and I are setting up the 3DS.  I am so happy for him that he was able to finally reach his goal and get it.  Happy Birthday to my little buddy!  You are so special Tyson and we love you!

Side Note: Today during his party, Tyson gave away his bag of candy, which he got from the pinata to a boy who wasn't fast enough to pick up any from off of the ground.  I shed a little tear.  He is so generous of all that he has and doesn't want to see anyone go without.  He is always praying for the boys and girls in the armed services and those children who don't have a mom or dad.  Those are his exact words.  And that is not something we have told him to say, he just started saying it on his own one night.  He amazes me!