Saturday, July 21, 2012

July in Review

 July has...well...I do not know where half this month went.  Yesterday it was the 4th of July and today it is the 21st.  It is all a blur.  Good thing I have taken pictures to remind me of what we have been doing.

I have heard about this awesome parade in Farragut, Tennessee, for the 4th of July.  Taryn has never seen a parade and Tyson can barely remember the ones he has seen.  It was time!  I had my crew up and at em' by the crack of dawn so we could get a good seat on Kingston Pike.  We even stopped by McDonald's for breakfast and ate it while waiting for the parade.  The kids loved that!
The kids and I awaiting the parade.  The weather started out quite pleasant and then it turned HOT!
 We ran into some friends there, The Barnes Family, and waved at the parade with them.
 Love my Red, White and Blue girl.

 If you look closely, the American Flag can be seen hanging out the door of the helicopter.  There were two of them flying over head before the parade started.  I love being an AMERICAN!!
 The patrol motorcycles were the first to appear and they had the music "Bad Boys" playing.  Kind of ironic.
The cheerleaders from Farragut High School handed out their school colored pom poms.  The kids waved them and waved them for about 2 minutes, and then they sat in my lap.  Love it!
This guy is running for some kind of councilman in the town of Farragut, and he dressed up like Barney off of Leave it to Beaver.  He was passing out candy.  The kids weren't too sure what to make of him. 

This poor horse looked so hot.  It had this amazing saddle, bridle and ornaments that were silver all over his body.  It was pretty, but it looked heavy and miserable for the horse.
After the parade we had to beat the heat and headed to the pool with The Barnes.  Vaughn rarely gets to go swimming with us, because he is always at the hospital, but today he was with us the whole time.  Taryn loved having daddy throw her in the pool.
 Happy kids! 
After swimming it was shower, dinner and head over to the golf course for the fireworks.  About half our church ward was there to watch the spectacle.  They didn't disappoint.  The fireworks were amazing!

 Thursday, July 19th, the kids and I headed with the playgroup to the zoo.  Inside the butterfly house Tyson caught a butterfly with his finger. He thought that was SO cool. (He is such a handsome kid) (:
Both Tyson and Taryn wanted to be like the "Gator Boys" on television and stick their heads in the stuffed crocodile.  Tyson was a little timid.
 Taryn was not shy at all.  She wanted to look down it's throat.
 The back sides of Iris, Taryn and Sara as they watched the stinky elephants.
 Look at that gaggle of kids.  From Left to Right: Zach, Tyson, Sara, Taryn, Iris, Benson, Reese, and Lucy.
 Another group shot just outside the chimps domain.
 Tyson looks tired doesn't he.  HA HA HA  He isn't really sleeping, just posing for the camera.
Taryn loves to drive the jeep at the zoo.  We had such a blast seeing all the animals and playing at their new splash pad.
Saturdays are our movie night and tonight's feature was "Return to Neverland."  It was such a lazy afternoon.  I slept most of it.  I have no idea why I was so tired, but now I am wide awake and it is midnight.  HA! least I am catching up on my blog writing and I did just finish another paper for my class.  Only one more test, 3 papers and 3 discussions to go and I am finished and can get my teaching licence back! (I think that is why I cannot remember this month.  I have been studying each night till the wee hours of the morning, taking tests and writing papers all for my class. Yes, that would explain my brain damage)