Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Deal Of The Week

I did well. I outfitted both of my kids for summer in under 80.00 at Jack and Jules Consignment Sale. I also consigned a bunch of my stuff at this sale once again. And since I decided to consign, I also decided to be a volunteer worker and get the perks of more money and first pick of the clothes. Taryn was a big help in picking out her own clothes. She found most of the ones here. What a good shopper.

Here are Tyson's clothes. I know his pile is a bit smaller than Taryn's, but he didn't need as many clothes as she did. A lot of Tyson's shorts and shirts from last year still fit him, Taryn outgrew everything.
I did pick up a big floor puzzle for Tyson, which he loved. It teaches him his states and he enjoys learning it.
Taryn loved the flip flops and princess lunch box we found for her. The hat is part of the dress up clothes I found for my mom. She wanted a picture to show her wares. I love shopping a good sale and finding great deals. The kids grow so fast that this is the best way to outfit them. I love consignment sales.


Scott and Sunny Nielsen said...

Nic- Your kids are so stinking cute! I think I say that everytime I see them, but it's true!!!!!!!!! Miss you! We are planning a Knoxville trip in 3 years(?). Will you still be around?

Daisie said...

WOW! You scored BIG TIME!!

Holly said...

Fun! I enjoy good deals!