Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Halloween Decor

The kids have been begging me to decorate for Halloween, but honestly we just haven't had a free day or night in which to accomplish this task. Today we didn't have anything going, which doesn't happen very often, and so the kids and I decorated till Taryn said it was a Haunted House.
The kids made the spiders and we hung the webs for them to put their creepy creations on. Since we move ever so often, my decor is limited, because I know that in a few years I will just have to pack it all up again. I try to keep it small, but when we are finally settled into our own house, I will go crazy and have TONS of decor for every season.

Tyson's thumbs up sign means we are ready for Halloween. Now they ask me, "When can we dress up and go Trick-or-Treating?" It is going to be a long month!


The Conway's said...

Love the decorations!! I love how excited Tyson is...too funny!