Saturday, September 17, 2011

It Is Orange Time in Tennessee

"Rocky Top Tennessee!" Yes, it is that time again folks. Time for Tennessee VOLS football.

We had an amazing opportunity to watch the VOLS play Cincinnati last Saturday. Around 1 p.m. Vaughn received a text on his phone from Dr. Belack that he had four, 5th row tickets to the game and he wasn't going to go. Anyone that wanted the tickets needed to text him back, first come-first serve. We jumped on that one! In no time at all we had the tickets and were putting our orange on for the big game.

We were directly behind the team. It was awesome. You could see their faces. (that is how close we were). The seats were amazing. I have never been that close to a game before and neither had Vaughn or the kids.

Through out the game I kept trying to get a picture of Derek Dooley, the head coach for Tennessee, but he was a moving all over the place. So I got this back of the head shot as he passed by the microphone. We were so close to the team that I could see his brown penny loafer shoes with his bright orange pants.

Like I said, the seats were incredible.

The camera man kept going back and forth along the little path down in front. The kids enjoyed watching him film the game. Also, look at that sea of orange. It is so completely awesome to see all the fans in that place. There were over 98,000 people there at that game. WHOA!In the huddle. What a great shot. They were on fire that day.

I was so close that I could take this picture of the punt teams' helmets.

This is kind of an odd picture to throw in there, but during half time, this bride and groom came down out of the stands to be married on the steps of the stadium. Love it! Nothing like being married at a Tennessee football game. I was just surprised her dress wasn't orange!
The boys! Tyson had a ball cheering for his team. And we loved the fact that we got to spend a whole afternoon with Vaughn. He has been working his tail off lately, so this was a needed family outing.
The "princess" was not amused that I wanted to take her picture. She wore her cute little Tennessee cheer leading outfit. Everyone around us said how cute she looked.
Taryn's eye's are priceless while my face is contorted in a grimace. I couldn't get the camera to do what I wanted it to do. ARG!

During half time the band and dancers came out on the field. My little cheerleader danced right along with them for about half the time. Then she decided that it was "too loud" and placed my hands over her ears while she continued to grove around. HA HA HA priceless!

By the middle of the third quarter, she had passed out. Thank goodness the great tickets came with padded seats and back rests, or else she wouldn't have been able to sleep for the rest of the game. Momma's arms would have given out.

This was a massive pileup.

Another game shot!

After the game, Taryn woke up. How she slept through all the noise, I will never know. We all had a great time and ended the night with pizza. Thanks Dr. B for the tickets. Love watching the VOLS play!


Bryce and Candice Blood Family said...

how awesome! seriously looks like soooo much fun! and i really wish i could sleep like that!