Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Gardening Efforts

My first attempt at being a gardener is paying off quite well. This is my green pepper plant that I planted out front of my house. I thought it would only be a pretty little green plant, but gosh darn it the little plant grew and has been producing nice peppers. I am not one to say I have a green thumb, my momma has one of those, but I didn't get that gene. I am chalking this up to sheer luck. But I will take it!

This is my mini pumpkin patch! It started out with a little mound of dirt and some pumpkin seeds, and look at it now! Holy Cow!

It is going to encroach my whole backyard and I love it.

A baby pumpkin. I have a few of these growing. How exciting. They start out as just a little pea and grow into this gorgeous fruit. (This picture was taken 5 days ago and the pumpkin is now twice that big).

This is my pride and joy of my little pumpkin patch. This is the first pumpkin that grew in our little patch. It is three times as big as this picture shows now. The kids are having a great time in helping to take care of the little pumpkin patch. If nothing else, we have shared some great bonding experiences. I just hope we have some nice looking pumpkins for the Fall Season. That would be the icing on the cake.


Megan Guymon said...

I find great peace in gardening for some reason. Looks like yours is doing great! I hope we have enough days of warmth to grow something! Hope you all are back on the mend.