Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tyson Turned 4!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TYSON! Four years ago I became a mother to this handsome little boy and the time has flown by. He is so gosh darn cute and he does the funniest things. I cannot believe that I have a child old enough to go to preschool. WOW!
Vaughn and I got Tyson up at the crack of dawn to open his presents before his dad had to leave for the hospital. He wasn't too sure about getting up that early until we mentioned presents and then he shot out of bed and was at the table surveying his loot. He wanted everything "Transformer" this year and we all came through. Notice the big "Optimus Prime" balloon, I couldn't resist. I saw it at the store and had to have it. I had more fun shopping for his birthday than I do shopping for myself.
He looked at the presents and then started ripping away.
He got lots of Transformers from his grandparents and uncles, so we got him Transformer P.J.'s instead. He loved them. He also got the game Operation, (I got it because I know Vaughn will love playing it with him since it is about doctoring and stuff), and he got posters of........yep you guessed it...Transformers. After opening gifts, Vaughn went to work and Tyson and I proceeded to play Operation. We played a few games till Taryn woke up and then we had Tyson's favorite breakfast......French Toast....Ya thought I was going to say waffles huh? Well....the kid loves waffles but he loves, loves French Toast. We then watched cartoon network, something I don't let him do because of all the nutty cartoons on it, but today was his day and so I let him indulge in it.
He also got this ribbon, Transformers of course, that said, "You are the hero today." He wore it all day long. Everywhere we went he told everyone it was his birthday and how old he was. What a kid!!
While out at his Grandpa Jackson's house he learned to ride a scooter and so his two uncles gave him one of their old ones. (Thanks Brett and Trey). So we went for a long scooter ride today. The kid has more balance than I do!

Instead of going to Walmart and having a Transformer cake made, I opted to make it myself. My mom bought me the Wilson starter cake decorating kit. My mom is a beautiful artist and very creative, suffices to say I didn't inherit that gene. So I was a bit nervous how this was going to turn out. Tyson said he wanted the Desepticons Decal for his cake. So that is what we made. I thought it turned out pretty good for my first attempt. What do you think?
Since Tyson had two birthday parties already, one at Grandma T's house and one at Grandma Jackson's house, we had a little small family/friend party. (Thanks Will and Chelsea for coming) He was bouncing off the walls with excitement to blow out his candles and eat his Transformer cake.
Lighting the candles................Blowing out the candles and officially becoming 4. He was tuckered out about 9 o'clock tonight and was ready to go to bed. He said he had a great day. Happy Birthday buddy. We love you so very very much. And we are so glad you are in our family!!!

(This blog is very out of order. So for the reader, please understand that I am trying to get back on track. I will be posting the rest of our vacation back west after this post)


Cluff Family said...

Happy Birthday Tyson! Way to go on the cake!!!!