Friday, July 17, 2009

Me VS the Onry Old Woman At The Laundry Mat.

Yeah....the title should just say it all, but since I haven't really had a good story to tell in a long time, I guess I was destine for one.
Taryn was the cause of this one. About one week ago I was changing her diaper on my bed, 1st mistake...and as I traded the wet one for a clean one...she had a massive explosion and christened my bed. YUCK!! Now luck would have it that my bed spread is too big for my washer. GREAT! It was off to the laundry mat up Lapeer RD. Now just so you know, I have NEVER been inside a laundry mat and didn't know what to expect. Upon entering the place I noticed tons of washer and dryers that were the exact same size as mine at home...DOUBLE GREAT! So where are the BIG ONES? I was in luck, because there was this older lady working the front counter. I kindly walked up and explained my situation...Here is how that conversation went:
Me: Excuse me
(eyes lazily looked at me)
Me: I was wondering if you have any BIG washers, big enough to fit a queen sized bed spread in?
(eyes then looked me up and down and then board into my soul as if searching for something to break)
Laundry Lady: Yeah we got those.
Me: Okay...........................where?
Laundry Lady: Right over there (pointing to her right, still looking at me like I was some kind of monster from the deep)
Me: Thanks

Okay, so I walk over to these things and they are a front loader, which I have no clue how to run. So it was back over to "Miss Sunshine" to find out how to work the damn thing.
Me: Excuse me again.
(eyes seem to seethe at my bothering her. Like she was busy anyway.)
Me: How do you work the machine?
Laundry Lady: Put your money in and soap and watch it work.
And that was all she said. Not "Here let me come and help you," or "I can show you. Sometimes these things are difficult."
So I trudged back over to the machine and put my bed spread in, and was about to add the soap, when this kid, who was washing what looked like his whole family and their family's clothes, said, "Wait! You shut the door and then put your money in and then put the soap in the top in this thing." (Pointing to the top spout looking thing.) "Thanks," I said. I then explained that I wasn't stupid, I just had never used one of these front loader machines. He was nice enough to explain and then went back to his mountain of laundry.
Okay, so I got through that part.....and yes there is more to this story..................
Then I had to dry the thing.....Another problem. How do you work the dryers, because they don't have directions on them. It was like you were just suppose to know how much money to put in to make them work and which buttons to push since none of them were labeled. To my dismay the young man that helped me before was gone. Great!!!! Now I have to go back to "Miss Sunshine" a third time...WONDERFUL!!!
Up I walk to the front counter:
Me: How much do you put in to make the dryers work? (Notice I didn't say, excuse me this time around. I was done with being nice)
Laundry Lady: It uses quarters....
Me: (Was she deaf? I didn't even ask if it used quarters, I know that duh! So I chuckled and said) I mean how many quarters does it take to turn it on and all? Like how many quarters per minutes????
Laundry Lady: I don't know!
Me: Okay, thanks. I just muddle through it.
GEEZ!!! If I could have yelled to help my cause I would have, but it wouldn't have helped. So I went back to the big dryer and just started plunking in quarters until something started to light up and it started to dry.
Needless to say, my bedspread is now clean and I now know how to work the BIG machines. I am not a complete idiot, but having never used those foreign machines I had no IDEA what to do. So there you go. There is my story for the next 6 months........I hope.......Who knows, I head to Utah on a plane in less than 2 weeks. I am sure a story is just waiting to happen to me along the way! GREAT!!!!!


The Morrills said...

I'm sorry Nicole!! Some people can be so rude!!
It makes you wonder what is going on in their lives for them to be so miserable and mean to everyone!! It makes it hard to be nice back! I bet you were still your smiley self when you walked out even tho you were boiling inside!! Just keep smiling girl! Maybe it will rub off on the rest of the rude ppl in the world!! :)

Scott and Sunny Nielsen said...

Nic- There is definitly a certain culture at laundry mats. I had the opportunity of using one for almost 2 years. People are very strange about their washers. If you ever have to go back, people will actually run in to get the best dryers and washers. You learn after a few times. Its a very strange place. Glad you survived. Miss you!