Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Our New Ride

The time has come for the Jackson's to finally get a ride of their own. We have been so fortunate to have family that was willing to drag us around with them in our time of being car less. Since we sold our cars before we left to St. Maarten, we were in need of a car. We bought a 2007 Ford Edge. It is a copper color, what I have always wanted, and it will grow as our family grows. It seats 5 and has a nice sized trunk space. Here are a few pictures of the new family wagon.

We also found out today, later today, that Vaughn was approved for all his clinical sights. (It is about dang time). So he will start a Family Practice rotation in Colorado March 3rd and then head to Baltimore for the Psych rotation and then we are off to Michigan for the rest. We already procured us a nice apartment at Lake Village and are excited to FINALLY get this show on the road. We can now start to plan out a few things and I can start slowly packing things. AH!!! It is great to know where you are going...


Ashley said...

Love the car, beats the Getz huh?? Glad you have a plan for the next stage the limbo I bet is hard! Maybe we'll see you in MI sometime!